Tips on Writing a Research Paper

When you step into college, you should get prepared to write research-based academic papers before you graduate. Although you aren’t used to the system, it is better to understand the concept as early as possible. It can be a big challenge in creating such papers, especially if it is the first time.

Have the right tools and attitude and you will have a smooth experience. That is why this article aims at giving you the best tips when you have such assignments. Before we move on to the guidelines you can use, you need to have good research skills and be a creative thinker. If you aim to get the best grades in your research paper, then use the tips below.

  • Understand the nature of the assignment

You can’t start working on something you have no idea about. Listen carefully and understand what your professor wants you to write about. If you haven’t understood something, always ask. There are instructions for each paper, do not skip this section because it can determine whether you will get the best grades or get low results. In any case, you want the best scores. So, why risk skipping this step? Get the whole concept first.

  • Select the topic

After you understand what the tutor wants, you now pick the topic. You may get a mandatory question at times, and in such cases, you head on to research to save more time but as you research, remember the instructions. On the other hand, if you are given options to choose a topic, take your time, and get the best subject. Do not pick a title based on simplicity, but how much content you can get for the matter. You can always check with the instructions then compare with different topics. If you realize you are struggling to gather content for a given topic, leave it and pick another subject.

  • Research

Research is the crucial phase in any academic paper writing. You can use different ways when finding resources to use. For example, you can go to the library and read books, research online, or read articles from magazines. It all depends on what you love the most.

You need to save time while doing research, so embrace the idea of skimming through the sources instead of reading about the whole concept. Again, note down relevant information that reflects on your topic. Since you will want to re-visit the source, note down the source and the page for easy navigation.

  • Write a thesis

At this point, you understand the nature of your assignment, and you have enough resources required to write the paper. It is now time to form a thesis statement. Again, confirm with the instructions and the topic you have when creating a thesis statement. It should revolve around the main subject. Remember you aren’t writing the paper for yourself; the professor will read it and other audience. The thesis statement should summarize what the assignment is all about.

  • Form an outline

According to your assignment type, you need to create an outline to generate ideas when writing the final draft. Check with the requirements from the teacher when creating an outline. Do not skip this step unless you want bad grades. The plan helps you create a well-structured paper with points well-explained.

  • Writing

Using the outline you created, you can now start writing your paper. All your work is simplified because you have resources and guidelines in the outline.

Each paragraph should explain different points related to the main topic. Include other numbering options to give your paper an excellent structure. Do not waste time by checking the grammar errors as you write. This stage is mainly for putting down the ideas.

  • Editing

After writing the research, you need to re-read your work. At the previous stage, your focus was on writing and nothing else. Take this time to polish up your final work. Don’t submit a paper with many errors. It will attract bad grades. Also, don’t rely too much on online software. As much as you may want to use them, dedicate some time to read and edit my paper. Check the punctuation marks, typos, and any grammar errors. Once you are sure of your work, you can submit it.


Let no one deceive you that the research papers are hectic. You need the right attitude, resources, and time to write the best paper. Do not forget about the research skills and being creative.