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The Unbidden Truth by Kate Wilhelm

Publisher: Mira ISBN: 0778320812

The Unbidden Truth by Kate Wilhelm: Reviewed by Stephanie Padilla, New Mystery Reader

Eugene, Oregon attorney Barbara Holloway's new case is one of her most dangerous and complicated yet.  She's been approached to defend a young pianist, Carol Fredricks, accused of killing her sexual harasser in a fit of rage.  All evidence points to the young woman's guilt, but the further Barbara investigates, she finds that nothing in Carol's life is as it first appears.  Much of Carol's past as a young girl is forgotten to her, and the stories she's been told appear to all be lies.  And as the memories start resurfacing, the closer danger gets to Carol, Barbara, and all involved, as someone does not want her to remember, and will kill to keep her from discovering the truth.

This somewhat mediocre legal thriller might not easily engage all enthusiasts of the genre.  Too many coincidences and too many salient points left dangling, or conveniently ignored, throughout the story make for an uneven reading experience that easily frustrates.   But it is a quick read, with an engaging local, that does offer some suspenseful moments that might interest some.  And the final courtroom scenes are sure to please fans.