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            GONE FOR GOOD by Harlan Coben         


Publisher: Delacorte Press; ISBN: 038533558X

Will hasnít seen his brother Ken for 12 years. After being accused of raping and killing a neighborhood girl, he simply vanished, leaving his family to pick up the shattered pieces left in his wake. Clues left at the crime scene leave the family to wonder if Ken himself was also a victim that night. But now with the death of his Mother, Will is left with only her final words, ďYour brother is still alive.ď And when Sheila, the love of his life disappears, Will is more determined than ever to find answers Because not only was the murdered girl a neighbor, she was also Willís first love. The deeper Will looks, the more he discovers facts that he would rather not know. How well does one really know those he loves? Is everything connected, or just random circumstance? As the mystery deepens, Will must face the truth, and the danger, that surrounds these questions and more.

This is easily the first perfect mystery of the year. Coben doesnít miss a beat, and thereís not a single miss-step in the entire novel. Combining unbridled suspense, and heart-wrenching emotion, Coben has written his best book yet. The reader will be torn between reading as quickly as possible in order to unravel the hidden mystery, and reading as slowly as possible in order to savor each beautifully rendered word. Each character comes alive under Cobenís more than capable hand, leaving the reader emotionally spent , yet craving more, chapter after chapter. Do what you must to get your hands on this book, you wonít regret it. Just make sure you start it at a time you can finish it, because itís almost impossible to put down. My only complaint, and itís a sad one, is that Mr. Coben has now set an almost impossibly high standard for others to achieve in mystery writing, one that other authors after this will undoubtedly have a hard time living up to. But donít let this stop you from reading this intelligent and moving thriller. Itís an experience not to be missed!


Harlan Coben lives in New Jersey with his wife and four children. Other titles from Coben include his Myron Bolitar novels: Deal Breaker, Dropshot, Fade Away, Back Spin, One False Move, The Final Detail, and Darkest Fear. He is also the author of Tell No One, now out in paperback, and in pre-production with Columbia pictures. Coben is also the first author to win all three of the following prestigious awards; the Edgar Award, the Shamus Award and Anthony Award. When I asked Coben why the switch from his Bolitar novels with the creation of Tell No One, and Gone for Good, he replied that he had a great idea for a story, but it just wouldnít work with Myron. And where did Coben get the writing bug? Of this he says, ďI was working as a tour guide in Spain during my college summers. I started to write a book about that weird experience. That idea never really panned out but from there, I got the writing bug.Ē And when asked whom his favorite author is, Coben diplomatically replies that there are just too many to list. He goes on to mention that we can expect his next novel hopefully by the spring or summer of next year.

Mr. Coben will be touring shortly, and you can find his entire touring schedule on his website at www.harlancoben.com. As his novel Tell No One has also been nominated for yet another for the Best Novel Edgar, we wish Mr. Coben all the best on May 2nd, when this award is scheduled to be released.