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Cavalcade by Walter Satterthwait

Publisher:  Thomas Dunne Books ISBN:  0312339747

Reviewed by Anne K. Edwards, New Mystery Reader

A keeper!!  Talented author Walter Satterthwait takes the reader back to pre-World War Two days when the Nazi party was just beginning its rise to power. This is a must read for any history buff or mystery fan.  

Someone tried to kill Hitler and failed.  At Hitler's request, the Pinkerton Detective Agency is called in to investigate. Agents Jane Turner and Philip Beaumont arrive in Berlin to seek out the culprit.

Trouble between the communists and nazis keep the pot boiling with several murders, each blaming the other. Some of the potential witnesses are among the victims and the detectives begin to wonder if there's a leak in Hitler's organization that is trying to stop them. 

As the mystery deepens, they head to Munich to meet with Hitler and his men. Here, Jane learns a secret about Hitler that must be suppressed at all costs and the hunters become the hunted. 

A great read that I highly recommend.  Author Walter Satterthwait has recreated the world of the 1930s with excellent description and supporting characters. I felt as though I'd visited these chaotic times and been touched by the virulent ideas of the day.  There are plenty of surprises in store for the reader. A new look at some old villains.


The Devilís Wind by Richard Rayner

Publishers: Harper Collins, 2005 ISBN: 0066212928

Reviewed by Narayan Radhakrishnan, New Mystery Reader 

Reminiscent of Raymond Chandler and Dashielle Hammett novels - evoking memories of early Forsyth and Follett novels, like The Devilís Alternative and Eye of the Needle-  The Devilís Wind provides a good, suspenseful reading.

The novel is set in the Fifties Las Vegas- and the McCarthy hearings are going on.

The city is in the midst of growth with bars and restaurants sprouting up in every nook and corner of the City. Around this same time the AEC (Atomic Energy Commission) explodes an Atomic Bomb sixty miles of the coast of Vegas. This is the background of the novel.

Now the action shifts to another realm and we meet the protagonist of the story- Maurice Valentine- a maverick, wise-ass architect. Powerful and ambitious he is the epitome of the modern- day All American entrepreneur. But his perfect life falls apart the day he meets sexy and glamorous Mallory Walker. She seems too perfect to be true-but as days go by Valentine begins to suspect that Mallory might have some hidden agenda., and she might be using him for something elseÖ.something sinister, somethingÖ..

This the first Rayner work I am reading- the blurb informs us that two of the authorís earlier works have been made into movies.  But I found nothing special or extraordinary about The Devilís Wind- a regular off- the- block thriller- thatís it.


Tamburlaine Must Die by Louise Welsh

Publisher:  Cannongate ISBN:  1841956252

Reviewed by Anne K. Edwards, New Mystery Reader  

For the fan of Elizabethan England history, this is a tale you will enjoy. Tales of Christopher Marlowe attribute him to being a spy, playwrite, poet, brawler, a man with friends in high places and who frequented low places.

Talented Louise Welsh has captured the flavor of that volatile period, blending in intrigue, fear of the gallows, with snippets of Marlowe's writings.  She brings the era to life with the uncivilized ruffians who brawled and loved, those same ruffians who gave us some of the greatest poetry written and whose plays are still produced.

Christopher Marlowe has served his masters well, but there are times when he is summoned before the Privy Council, that body of men who serve the Queen and themselves and have the last word of life and death for men like himself. This is one such time.  They summon and he must attend them.

He finds he is accused of something akin to blasphemy and to live, must make a trade.  His life could hang in the balance.

A recommended read for history buffs, for mystery lovers, and anyone seeking a good read. When you close the book, you'll swear you'd been walking the streets of old England with sword on your hip, so well done are the settings.  Enjoy.


The Ottoman Cage by Barbara Nadel

Publisher:  Thomas Dunne Books ISBN:  0312337698

Reviewed by Anne K. Edwards, New Mystery Reader 

For the mystery and fiction reader who enjoy just the right blend of intrigue and suspense as applied by a cast of characters you won't soon forget. If you like personal glimpses and balanced pacing, then The Ottoman Cage by the very talented Barbara Nadel is right up your alley.

An boy who seems to have no identity is found murdered in a house near the Topkapi Palace that has been rented by a mysterious doctor.  The search for the boy's name and the doctor bring Inspector Cetin Ikmen into the case where his slow but steady work discovers clues and finally a motive. 

The mysterious and ancient city of Istanbul with its mix of ethnic groups and religions provide a fascinating backdrop for this tale that will keep you reading.  You'll try to outguess the Inspector as he tries to reason out the puzzle when crystal clues arrive at his place of work to add to the confusion. 

Highly recommended. Guaranteed to keep you awake, reading.  Enjoy.