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Bones in the Attic  by Robert Barnard

Publisher: Scribner; ISBN: 0684873796 April

When Matt Harper, a former soccer player and a current  radio and television celebrity,  purchases a house in Leeds, he is soon shocked to discover the bones of a child in the attic.  While his love is tending to her dying estranged husband across the sea, Matt tends to her three children while attempting to solve the mystery, along with the local police officer Charlie Peace.  The deeper Matt delves, the more he becomes aware that the events leading to the child's death must have occurred during the summer of 1969, the summer that Matt himself was a resident of the area.  Foggy memories and unease begin to plague Matt as he comes closer and closer to solving the mystery.  

This is a sweet and cozy read from Barnard.  The characters are interesting, and Matt is highly likable as a father trying to keep up with all the happenings in his life, while keeping close tabs on the children.  The portraits painted of the past, including Matt's childhood friends and the surrounding neighborhood, also are memorable and add to the story.  This is a fun read, and should be enjoyed by most.          

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