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Feint of Art:  An Annie Kincaid Mystery by Hailey Lind

Publisher:  Signet  ISBN:  0-451-21699-7

Reviewed by Susan Illis, New Mystery Reader 

Annie Kincaid's talent for forging Old Masters landed her in a Paris jail as a teenager.  Now, she's putting her skills to more legal, but less lucrative, work as a faux finisher in San Francisco.

But she learns that her knack for identifying fakes can still get her in trouble.  As a favor to her ex-boyfriend, Brock Museum curator Ernst Pettigrew, she evaluates the museum's new $15 million painting, quickly determining that it's a forgery.  That same night, the museum's custodian is murdered and Ernst disappears.  And a dealer disappeared a few days earlier, along with a number of sketches.

To complicate Annie's life, her new landlord is doubling her rent.  When another dealer offers her a reward for locating the missing sketches, Annie agrees.  Her quest leads her into the path, and arms, of a handsome stranger whose name and occupation change with each encounter.

Annie Kincaid is a fun and fascinating new sleuth, whose adventures are delightfully different.  Fast-paced, Feint of Art's pace quickens to franticness near the end, and readers may not agree with Annie's romantic decisions.  But this is a series to watch, if only to see if two-sister writing team Hailey Lind can come up with an equally clever title for the next installment.  And, in lieu of the rather clichéd recipe, the authors instead offer instructions for a faux painting technique.


Bone Thief by Thomas O'Callaghan

Publisher:  Pinnacle Books ISBN:  0786018119

Reviewed by Anne K. Edwards, New Mystery Reader

Do you like to stay awake at night, listening for bumps in the dark?  Or have you been thinking of meeting in person someone you met on the internet? This tale will make you rethink that last idea.

Someone is killing women and dumping their boneless bodies in strange places. Their hands, heads and feet are also missing, but the killer deliberately leaves clues to their identity. Is he taunting the police?  What drives him?

Those are some of the questions Lt. John Driscoll must answer in his hunt for this killer who holds an entire city hostage to fear.  Pressure from the top is mounting as he searches for this killer.

If you have trouble sleeping or are squeamish, this isn't a tale for you.  But if you are a reader who likes chills running up and down their spine, this is a book for you.  A well-written story that will hold your interest and make you look for other books by this talented author.  Enjoy (I shiver as I write that word).  I certainly did.


The Delilah Complex by M. J. Rose

Publisher: Mira ISBN: 0778322157

Reviewed by Stephanie Padilla, New Mystery Reader

When sex therapist Dr. Morgan Snow is asked by a group of women to help them deal with the tragic demise of one of their members, she is unprepared for the shocking events that are about to follow.  The group, known as The Scarlet Society, is a secret group of women and men who engage in a certain type of sexual adventure, one in which the women are the aggressors and the men the dominated.  But somehow the games have gone chillingly awry as one by one photos of murdered male members are being sent to the press, but with no bodies to provide clues, the police, and Morgan, all too soon find themselves at a standstill.  And so as Morgan continues to walk the line between counseling and investigation, and confidentiality and revealing, she will once again place herself in danger from a twisted mind whose passions have turned deadly.

The second in the series featuring The Butterfly Institute, an organization devised to treat sexual problems, is every bit as good as the first.  Heart-pounding suspense, captivating characters, and a plot that’s full of steam and passion, combine to make for one hell of an erotic and thrilling read.   We look forward to the next in this winning series, and hope Rose intends to provide it soon.