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Son of a Gun by Randye Lordon

Publisher: St. Martin's Minotaur ISBN: 0312291310

Reviewed by Stephanie Padilla, New Mystery Reader  

This is my first time to read one of Lordon's mysteries featuring NYC PI Sydney Sloane and it won't be my last.  With a narrative sinuous as silk, she takes the reader on an engaging and thoroughly entertaining journey down a road filled with secrecy and revenge.

When Sydney's best friend Peggy hears the shocking news that her husband, Captain John Cannady with the NYPD, has been shot, she thinks that things can't get much worse.  But that's all about to change when she receives a phone call from the son she gave up at birth who has now grown into an angry young man and seems bent on revenge. Peggy hires Sydney and her agency to look into matters, and so working alongside New York's finest, they search through Peggy's past for answers.  And when Peggy's young daughter, also Sydney's godchild, is kidnapped the search becomes even more desperate.  Sydney will soon discover that the friend she thought she knew so well has hidden a whole life of secrets from her, and now those secrets are back to haunt her.

Meanwhile, Sydney has been having issues with her significant other, Leslie.  There seems to be a growing gulf between them that has Sydney frightened and worried, and to compound matters, Leslie has hired her agency to look into her mother's fiancÚ, a man whose previous wives all died untimely deaths, and who may be another madman out to do harm.  

Lordon strikes the perfect balance between personal angst and on-the-job woes in this wonderfully executed mystery.  Filled with appealing and compelling characters that are easy to care for, this is a charming and exciting read from beginning to end, leaving  enough dangling questions at the end to make readers eager for the next.